29 November 2009

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children: Tifa Lockhart 03

final fantasy vii advent children cosplay - tifa lockheart 03Script writer Nojima Kazuhige describes Tifa to be "very much like any woman who's been left behind like a man", meaning someone who was hurt emotionally, but not clingy. She urges Cloud to come to terms with the unwarranted guilt he places upon himself, and takes care of Barret's adopted daughter, Marlene, as well as another child known as Denzel.

I think she may be the same Tifa as the cosplayer I featured more than 2 years ago, but I still find her pretty impressive. She still makes me think that she jumped right out of the film. Great cosplay!

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  1. This is a Absolutely breathtaking Tifa!! Your gorgeous!