08 November 2009

Bleach: Kurosaki Ichigo 02

bleach cosplay - kurosaki ichigoKurosaki Ichigo has natural orange hair that always gets him into fights with bullies. He doesn’t care what other people think about him and doesn’t seem to mind fighting bullies either. He met Chad when they were still young, who was also a target for bullies because he refused to fight for his own sake as promised to his grandfather. Ichigo then decided to make a pact with him that they would fight for each other’s sake.

I couldn’t believe this was one of Jin’s works when I first saw it. She really does know how to take on the character she’s cosplaying, so much that it’s hard to tell it’s her! Great job, Jin!


  1. I always look forward to new photos of Jin and the rest of tuxedo team's cosplays :) they're really "pro" cosplayers, if there is such a thing.

  2. They work really hard to get the perfect photo. You gotta admire their passion. ^_^

  3. I love Jin! Meeting her at Fanime 2008 was one of the best con experiences---aside from meeting PikminLink. Ahhh.....*~* Of course their awesomeness is so awesome that a piece of me dies inside when I see how...awesome their costumes are but I still admire them so much.

    (Btw..love the blog..following now!)

  4. Oh yeah, she mentioned going to Fanime in her DeviantArt account. I don't think I'm familiar with PikminLink though. :x

    Thanks for following! ^_^

  5. i always thought jin was a cosplayer from their deviantart account