23 November 2009

Fate/Unlimited Codes: Saber Lily

fate/unlimited codes cosplay - saber lilyLittle is known about Saber Lily, aside from the fact that she is officially another version of Saber. Fans speculate that she is quite possibly the direct opposite of Dark Saber from Fate/Hollow Ataraxia, but there is no real history behind her appearance.

None that we know of as of yet anyway.

Beautiful cosplay! Looks like it was done in a private photo shoot, since Saber Lily’s costume looks really hard to move around in. Thank you very much to Still Doll for sharing this!


  1. I could never understand clearly the fate series, but they can get awesome cosplays. ^^

  2. Saber Lily is just an alternate version of Saber, from the PSP game Fate/Unlimited Codes.

    And this cosplay is not so bad, but she has got MANY things wrong on the costume. First of all, the armour is all flat, and not round. Then the breast plate is plainly wrong, Lily's not like that. The sleves are wrong too, and the sword is way to big and out of proportion.

    And yes, I can show you a better one, if you want to see it.

  3. Ahh, lovely cosplay! Armor can be such a pain, even when you use craft foam (which is mostly what cosplayers use).

    I don't really know the Fate series but I can tell this lovely young woman did a great job because it looks......great! :O

  4. Blue: They really do take the time to make the armor and such, so I'm not surprised. ^_^

    Anon: Oh, yes please, I'd be happy to post other great cosplays. I have not seen a lot of Saber Lily's to be honest.

    Strawberiistarz: I've never heard of craft foam. My friends usually use paper mache for their armor. ^^