10 March 2009

Granado Espada: The Musketeer

granado espada cosplay - the musketeerMusketeers are one of the mst powerful characters in the world of Granado Espada. With their riffles and pistols, they can give heavy damage to enemies on land and air. The only downside of such powerful characters is that they’re expensive to maintain. You need a large amount of bullets that you only get in towns if you want to go through some tough quests.

The musketeer was my first character that I ever made in Granado Espada. However, I ended up deleting her because my Family was poor back then, so I could not sustain the money needed for the bullets.

I kind of regret that now though. Pretty awesome cosplay! And is it me, or does this cosplayer remind you of T.M. Revolution too?


  1. Beautiful! I can't tell if the cosplayer is a guy or a girl on this photo, but I love the details of the costume.

  2. It's actually making me miss playing Granado Espada. :(