16 March 2009

Naruto: Haku 02

naruto cosplay - hakuExtremely androgynous in appearance, Haku’s mother was killed by his father after he had found out about her genetic ability. He would have killed Haku as well if Haku had not beaten him to it.

Because of this traumatic experience, Haku could not find purpose in life… until he met Momochi Zabuza, who found Haku useful as his “tool”.

Haku has the ability to manipulate wind and water in his surroundings to make ice. However, he does not like fighting and often uses his ice needles to pierce an opponents pressure points to leave them in a dead-like state.

Poor Haku. His story really makes me sad, even though I’ve only read it in the manga. I wish he stayed in the series a lot longer… Brilliant cosplay though!

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