20 October 2008

Dekaron: Segita Hunter and Incar Magician

With all the game cosplays in the Unknown category, you could probably tell that I hardly play any online games and MMORPGs at all.

Doesn’t mean I don’t like them though.

unknown cosplay 014 - dekaron / 2moons cosplay - segita hunter in janis armor set and incar magician in solongos armor set

So for this week, I would guess they’re Korean online mmorpg characters. They might be hired or professional cosplayers, but even with that knowledge, you have to admit, the costume and the cosplayers are very impressive.

Anyone have any ideas?

EDIT: Thanks to my annonymous contributor for letting me know these cosplayers are from Dekaron, also known as 2Moons! The one on the left is a Segita Hunter in Janis Armor and the one on the right is an Incar Magician in Solongos Armor!

EDIT 2: Thanks to Jeff for letting me know one of the cosplayers is Korean model and actress, Bae Suzy!


  1. I can identify this for you!
    These are characters from the MMORPG Dekaron. Known as 2Moons in the USA.

    The one of the left is of the class "Segita Hunter" and is the Janis armor set. The one on the right is of the class "Incar Magician" but the name of the armor set has escaped my mind.

  2. Update: The one on the right is the Solongos armor set.

  3. Oh~ Thanks very much! I'll edit this right away~

  4. That Characters from dekaron and the segita hunter known as kelly go in dream high but here true name is Bae Suzy she is a korean actress and she is a model of nexon that hold global dekaron......

  5. Bae Suzy as the Segita Hunter, she is a korean actress ang model of nexon that hold global dekaron....

  6. Jeff: Thanks for letting me know who the cosplayer is! I'll add a tag for her. :)