13 October 2008

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: Byakuran

katekyo hitman reborn! cosplay - byakuran

I have no idea where this character is from, at all. I think it’s something from a more recent anime series… And I haven’t been watching any new ones lately. But maybe you guys have a better idea with the marks on the cosplayer’s face and the ring?

So pretty and white though… Lovely shot.

EDIT: Oh, the 13th Unknown on the 13th of October. Who would have thought?

EDIT 2: Thank you, Rikobaka for letting me know this is Byakuran, the First Boss and Leader of the infamous Mafia Family, Millefiore!

EDIT 3: Thanks to anon for letting us know the cosplayer's name is Naito!


  1. That Byakuran is Naito. Here's her Cure Account.

  2. Thanks a lot! I'll add that detail on the entry. ^_^

  3. O_O cool cosplay pic, looks alot like byakuran!

  4. Nice cosplay! Love the makeup ^^