24 October 2008

Rozen Maiden: Suigintou 03

rozen maiden cosplay - suigintou 03Considered to be the first Rozen Maiden Doll, Suigintou was an incomplete creation who was able to move without being granted a Rosa Mystica.

In her awakening, she was weak and could barely walk, but Shinku decided to help her out of pity.

Suigintou began hating Shinku when she found out she had lied to her about being able to meet father. When Souseiseki killed her, Rozen gave her a Rosa Mystica and it was only then that she became a true Rozen Maiden. Sadly, she misunderstood Shinku’s intentions and thought she had left her to die in order to take her Rosa Mystica, which she never had in the first place.

Pretty cosplay! In fact, I’d say all three Suigintou cosplayers are pretty, don’t you think?


  1. Suigintou !!!!
    wow this is awesome!!

  2. This picture kinda reminds me of Misa-Msa in ep 25 of Death note when she's singing.