13 March 2015

The Seven Deadly Sins Cast

the seven deadly sins cosplay - satan by youne, leviathan by sameki, mammon by arisa chan, lucifer by shimo, beelzebub by neneko, asmodeus by hisui, and belphegor by yukino

Not really sure what this is about, but I’ve been seeing a lot of fan art and cosplays of these ladies recently. As far as I can tell, they are Demon Kings based on the Seven Deadly Sins, so let me just enumerate them for now:

  • Satan (cosplayed by Youne) is the Demon King of Wrath
  • Leviathan (cosplayed by Sameki) is the Demon King of Envy
  • Mammon (cosplayed by Arisa Chan) is the Demon King of Greed
  • Lucifer (cosplayed by Shimo) is the Demon King of Pride
  • Beelzebub (cosplayed by Neneko) is the Demon King of Gluttony
  • Asmodeus (cosplayed by Hisui) is the Demon King of Lust
  • Belphegor (cosplayed by Yukino) is the Demon King of Sloth

Well, whatever this is, please head on over to each of these Taiwanese cosplayers’ pages (linked above) and give them your support! Thanks to Sam for sending this in!

…shouldn’t they be Demon “Queens” instead of Kings? Hm…

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