26 March 2015

Samurai Warriors 2: Mori Ranmaru

samurai warriors 2 cosplay - mori ranmaru by jesukeMori Ranmaru is a hidden character in Samurai Warriors 2 who could only be unlocked by doing the first two “Ranmaru’s Request” and “Mitsuhide’s Request” jobs in Survival Mode. In the mission, Ranmaru’s requests for the player’s help to investigate the nature of Nobunaga’s assassination, as Ranmaru remains unsure whether Mitsuhide really killed their lord or not. It was later revealed that Mitsuhide was falsely accused because Ieyasu used a look alike assassin, and that the assailants only managed to kill Nobunaga’s body double. He and Keiji later set out to punish Ieyasu together.

I’m pretty sure this is Jesuke, even though I don’t see this in her Deviant Art anymore. There are other shots of her in this costume in her Gallery though, so please be sure to give her a visit! Thanks to TsukiHiro for sharing this!

Source: Crunchyroll

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