30 March 2015

Fruits Basket: Souma Kagura

Cursed with the Spirit of the Pig, Souma Kagura claims to be the fiancée of Souma Kyo, but whenever Kyo denies those claims, she beats Kyo up. She is normally a kind and girly young woman, but she appears to have a split personality whenever it comes to Kyo. Apparently, when they were still very young, Kagura even threatened Kyo into proposing to her using a knife (this was changed to a giant boulder in the anime).

I think Kagura is my favorite female character in the series because she’s so strong and straight-forward. And don’t you think Japanese cosplayer Roki makes such an adorable Kagura? Please do give her your support and visit her World Cosplay account! Thanks again to Katy for suggesting this!

Source: Roki on World Cosplay

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