20 November 2014

Vampire Knight Musical Cast

vampire knight musical cast

Wakatsuki Yumi, better known as a member of Japanese female idol group “Nogizaka46” will be playing the lead role as Yuki Cross in the musical adaptation of Hino Matsuri’s Vampire Knight as reported by Crunchyroll. The musical is scheduled to perform at the Hakuhinkan Theater in Tokyo from January 21-25, 2015. Among those listed in the cast are:
I’d love to watch this myself, but I don’t live in Japan and I can’t understand Japanese! It would be nice if there were subtitles available in the live performance, much like Chinese musical I watched here in Manila. I wonder if Rima and Ruka will make an appearance here? Anyway, thanks to ちびめち for sharing this!


  1. Little correction: Shizuka's actress is Watanabe MAI, not Ai :)

    1. Oooh~ Thanks anon! I'll edit that as soon as my internet cooperates. ^_^