07 July 2014

Pandora Hearts: Oz Vessalius 02

pandora hearts cosplay - oz vessalius by tiny cosplayIn order to find out what the “sin of his existence” meant, Oz began working under Break as part of Pandora. It was later revealed that when Oz was still young, he worked very hard to gain the praise and recognition of his father, only to discover that his father hated him to the point of not wanting to touch him. Because of this resentment, Oz began to think that there is no guaranteed thing in the world, and became an obedient child who allowed harm to come his way in order to protect people.

A very beautiful Oz by Tiny Cosplay! And a great location in Paris to shoot as well! I really love all the detail work on this cosplay, and those extra, fluffy frills! Thanks to Terrence for sending this in!

Source: Tiny Cosplay on Deviant Art

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