12 July 2014

Starry Sky: Tomoe Yoh (Capricorn)

starry sky cosplay - tomoe yoh (capricorn) by rinamiTomoe Yoh, also known as Henri Samuel Jean Aimée, is a half-French, second year student in Seigetsu Academy. He met Yahisa Tsukiko when they were still young, and became quick friends as she was the only person who didn’t make fun of him for being half-French. He fell in love with Tsukiko and later asked his father to transfer him to Seigetsu Academy in order to pursue her.

Rinami makes a lovely Yoh, wouldn’t you agree? This photo looks so calm and peaceful… I wouldn’t want to disturb her! Thanks to Lilybeth for sending this in!

Source: 璃波さん on Blogspot

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