23 July 2014

Trinity Blood: Augusta Vradica / Seth Nightroad 02

trinity blood cosplay - augusta vradica / seth nightroad by stardust-skiesThe youngest of the Nightroad siblings, Seth Nightroad is a member of the Alliance Aerospace Navy and the third Crusnik. Seth viewed Lilith as a mother figure and loves Abel in a sisterly affection, but for some reason, she seemed to have an aversion to Cain. Nevertheless, when Cain was fatally wounded in an accident, Seth injected him with 100% Crusnik, restoring his life, even if it changed him for the worse.

One of my loyal readers, Syaza, had always loved this character and once told me she wanted to cosplay her in this ceremonial outfit. That was a few years ago, and it looks like she finally achieved her dream cosplay! And what an amazing and beautiful cosplay this is! Please give her your support and visit her Deviant Art Gallery as well as her cosplay group, N.E. Project on Facebook!

Source: stardust-skies on Deviant Art

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