09 December 2012

D.Ice: Icarus Quinto and Isa Ortega

d.ice cosplay - icarus quinto and isa ortega by ray magbanua and ira orduna
Source: Ray Magbanua on Facebook

Detectives are seekers of truth.

Even though they fight crime, the don’t necessarily do the action stunts, hold a licensed gun, or know martial arts. They simply seek the truth and expose it. They are on the side of justice.

That’s their style.

However… there is a special detective who has his own style…

Unlike the usual investigators, he has an eccentric behavior which is highlighted by his deviant taste in clothing.

He is Detective Icarus Quinto, the Blue Detective.

Quoted from D.Ice Manga

I wasn’t able to take a proper photo of the blue detective and his lovely assistant, Isa Ortega by Ira Orduna, so I will have to borrow Ray’s photo for now. Would you believe me if I told you the author and artist of D.Ice is also the cosplayer himself? Now that is what I call dedication! Thank you once again for Ray for sharing this!

Oh, and the cosplayers in the background? You’ll probably recognize them all! That’s Yupi on the left, Iincho in the center, and Rei on the right.


  1. That blue detective looks very handsome!

    1. He's a mangaka (comic book artist), cosplayer, and writer! Would that make him a "triple threat"? :D