12 April 2012

Shakugan no Shana: Shana 06

shakugan no shana cosplay - shana 6

In the first volume of the original light novel, Alastor stated that the reason why Shana did not explode after being shot by Friagne's Trigger Happy was because she held a capacity that existed in dimensional space, who was able to contain the Flame of Heaven's. Shana’s duty initially made her indifferent towards human life, but because of Sakai Yuji's influence, she has become slightly more open. Although she still remains confused and disgruntled by some human traits which she considers to be “pointless”, some of it is actually used to mask her jealousy of her desire to monopolize Yuji.

Cute Shana! And the background is really well-suited for this cosplay. Thanks to Miharu for sending this in!

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  1. Hello. Your cosplays are amazing!! You give me lots of inspiration, and I would like to be as good as you :3
    I look forward to seeing more :)