10 October 2011

Twilight: Edward Cullen

twilight cosplay - edward cullenDescribed as one of the most charming characters in the series, Edward Cullen is very protective of his beloved Bella Swan and puts her safety, humanity, and welfare before anything else. He has a tendency to over-analyze situations and overreact, especially when it comes to Bella’s safety. He speaks in early 20th century dialect and, after falling in love with Bella, wishes he was human instead of a vampire “monster”.

I suppose this had to be featured eventually, as Lilica, Jamie, Paty, and Sarah have sent this photo to me in 4 different emails. Whoever said Cosplay Holic was limited to Japanese Animation, Manga, and Games? Thanks again for sending this in guys!


  1. I beg to differ. I think that Cosplay really ought to be just limited to Japanese Anime, Manga, and games. After all, cosplay is a byproduct of this particular [Japanese] culture.

    Anything else are likely to be just mere costumes for Halloween.

  2. Aww, but we have several Disney characters on this blog too! ;u; I didn't think Twilight would be much different!

  3. Cosplay is short for costume play. Getting into costume as anime characters is originally Japanese. But getting into a costume PERIOD, is a much older idea.. And the Japanese did not start that. What I like about this site is that it is not biased.

  4. Umm.. yes, I think it is different (compared to Disney characters). They are based on a cartoon, just like their Japanese counterparts (w/c are based on anime). I guess I should've also stated in my post above that there can be exceptions.

    One needs to take into consideration the thing that gave cosplaying its own identity (w/c also separates it from your garden variety costume parties); That they focused primarily on Manga/anime characters. Moreover, since the anime and videogaming culture is intertwined in Japan, video game characters were considered as well. If you notice, almost every anime has its own video game counterpart, especially the action/fantasy genre. ;)

    Anyway, after rereading my previous post, I think I might've come off sounding a little cocky (read: jerk). If I did, my apologies to all. :D

  5. Oh by the way, I was merely just trying to voice out my opinion, OK? I'm not trying to dictate anything. Besides, in the end, it is still up to 許 美美 to decide what and what not to post. I've been following this blog since last year and I'm just glad this site exists and that it allows people like us to share what we think about each of the cosplayers and their works. :D Cheers!

  6. Al: Thanks for the explanation~ And yes, I try my best not to be biased when it comes to featuring cosplayers in Cosplay Holic. :3

    Keith: Ahaha! No worries, no hard feelings here~ I'm glad you enjoy reading Cosplay Holic nonetheless~

    And yeah, I try to look for cosplayers of other genres too... not just getting a costume and wearing it, but for the cosplayer to become the character as well~ This is rare for Disney characters and Western characters, so I'm quite happy whenever I find one like this~ :3