21 October 2011

Soul Eater: Justin Law and Giriko

soul eater cosplay - justin law and girikoJustin Law and Giriko have quickly developed a strong rivalry with each other as they have very conflicting ideas. These feelings are further intensified by the fact that both have equal levels of power. As a result, their fights always conclude in a draw.

Although later circumstances have put them on the same side, it has done little to temper their issues.
Impressive! Good thing they stopped fighting long enough to take a photo together! Thanks again to Warren for sending this in!


  1. Awesome cosplay!! <3 Soul Eater
    ...but I'm 99% sure the character's name is actually Justin *Law*. (Giriko's weapon form is a chainsaw, maybe that's where the confusion came from)

  2. Yeah his name is Justin LAW (not Saw) -- ironic, considering which side he ends up choosing.

  3. Whoops, my bad guys! Thanks for the correction! :)