09 October 2010

Zero no Tsukaima: Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière

unknown cosplay 70 from comiket 2010 - zero no tsukaima / the familiar of zero cosplay - louise françoise le blanc de la vallièreDare I say she is from the Harry Potter series? She looks distinctly like a pink haired Hermione Granger, but I do not see a Hogwarts’ badge or scarf anywhere. And besides, when did Hermione ever change her hair color?

Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments below! Thanks again to Hannah!

EDIT: Thanks to anon for commenting this is Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière from Zero no Tsukaima (The Familiar of Zero)!


  1. Thats Louise from Zero no Tsukaima ( The Familiar of Zero ).

  2. she's Louise from Zero No Tsukaima

  3. Thanks a lot! I'll edit this right away! ^_^