13 October 2010

McDonald’s: Rona McDonald

A clown character used as a primary mascot of the McDonald’s fast-food restaurant chain, Ronald McDonald has been given a gender swap and affectionately named “Rona McDonald”. A pair of Japanese McDonald’s advertisements for the Tomato McGrand feature “sexy” male and female dressed in modern clothing with Ronald’s color scheme.

I guess you could say this is a much cuter version than what the official Japan’s McDonald’s came up with. Thanks again to Femi for sending this!


  1. Interesting to be certain, but I'm more interested in the guy who has the Xbox logo for a head in the background!

    I think I found my Halloween right there!

  2. Hahaha, I'm looking for a better photo of him actually... it's probably one of the best cosplays ever attempted!

  3. LOL on the Xbox cosplayer hehe... Rona McDonald is so cute! She has a nicely colored costume and her hair is so shiny.