11 October 2010

Vocaloid 2: Kagamine Rin and Len 02

vocaloid 2 cosplay - karamine rin and len 02 from comiket 2010Since they were based on the same voice provider or seiyuu, Kagamine Rin and Len successfully harmonize with one another and are often used in duets. They have a similar range and depth to their predecessor, Hatsune Miku. However, most users consider Len to be more difficult to work with than his counterpart, Rin.

So cute! They look like they’re wearing their own interpreted version of Miku’s classic outfit! Thanks to again to Reese for sending this!


  1. This is actually the Kagamine version outfit for the song 'Love Is War'.

  2. Vocaloid Characters are so cute! Specially when they are being cosplayed.

  3. Actually, to be more precise, it's the Kagamine version outfit for the remix of Love is War, Eager Love Revenge.