05 September 2008

Vampire Knight: Kuran Kaname

vampire knight cosplay - kuran kanameThe noble, pure blooded vampire whom everyone fears and respects, Kuran Kaname is the President of the Night Class which consists of vampires from different family lines. He is shown to be cold towards his fellow vampires, and yet kind and gentle to the girl he saved one snowy evening… Yuki Cross.

Revealing the reason behind that would spoil the series for everyone, so let’s leave it at that.

One of my blog readers named Elisabeth sent me an email one day and told me about Stay, a Chinese cosplayer with amazing costumes featured in her blog. This is one of my favorites from her collection so far, and I hope she uploads more pictures soon! Pay a visit to Stay’s blog, I’m sure it’s worth the while. Thanks Elisabeth!


  1. gah~
    i think stay's kuran kaname has the best look so far
    the angle of the shot and what shes doing is really looking natural~

  2. I'm actually a huge fan of Stay's ever since one of my readers recommended her. x3 I need to feature her again soon.