03 September 2008

Loveless: Agatsuma Soubi 04

loveless cosplay - agatsuma soubi 04A fighter’s role is to follow everything his sacrifice orders him to. With Soubi’s case, who is a blank fighter that can serve any sacrifice, he appears to be following Ritsuka’s every command, and yet he refuses to speak about Seimei’s death.

Why would he do something like that?

Because to him, Seimei’s words are absolute.

I love how this picture was composed. A lot of fans know that Soubi, despite being associated with butterflies, adores flowers. How does this compare to the three other Soubi cosplayers I’ve featured in this blog? I think I like all of them honestly. Awesome job on this one!


  1. I have no idea... the picture is too small to tell, honestly.