15 September 2008

Dir en Grey: Toshiya

unknown cosplay 009 - nana (?)- dir en grey cosplay - toshiyaI have a few guesses for this Unknown, but the best guess I can come up with is Nana.

But then again, she could be someone from a game. I mean, with those shoulder armors? She may be a warrior of some sort that I don’t know about.

So I’ll leave the decision up to you good people. Any takers?

Thanks to Rainer and Hesper for saying this is Toshiya from the Jrock band "Dir En Grey". Thanks also to Mun-yeen and daachan for confirming this!


  1. if i'm not mistkaen this is toshiya from dir en grey (j-rock band)

  2. A cosplay of Dir En Grey? Or the real Dir En Grey? o.o;;;

  3. Toshiya is from the j-rock band Dir en Grey, and he is a guy...