02 May 2008

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelists of the Roses: Kaiba Seto

yu-gi-oh! cosplay - kaiba setoThe young CEO and major shareholder of the multi-national company, Kaiba Corporation, Seto Kaiba is arrogant and self-centered with very little time for other people aised from himself and his brother. Being a rational man that he is, he does not believe in magic and dismisses any magical encounter as tricks or illusions. Nevertheless, he eventually accepts Yugi’s concept of “The Heart of the Cards” and becomes more compassionate by the end of the series.

Really beautiful armor for Kaiba. Though I wonder, why is he holding a white rose? Hm…

EDIT: Thanks to MomoXIII for letting me know this Kaiba is from the PS2 game, Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelists of the Roses!


  1. He could be holding a white rose because there was a PS2 game called "Duelists of the Roses" that takes place in the time of the Tudors. Seto is on the White Rose side, if I remember right.

  2. Edit to that: This version of Seto is in fact from the PS2 game "The Duelist of the Roses" - you can tell by the arm piece on their left shoulder - it's a Blue Eyes White Dragon head.

  3. Thanks for the information, MomoXIII! Edited the entry a bit. ^_^