07 May 2008

Ranma 1/2: Saotome Ranma and Shampoo

ranma 1/2 cosplay - saotome ranma and shampoo

Saotome Ranma can come across as arrogant, selfish, and a braggart. But he’s actually awkwardly immature. He also has a secret. Because of his training accident back in China, he transforms into a girl when he’s splashed with cold water. He can only turn back into a guy when he’s drenched in hot water.

Similarly, the Chinese girl on the right named Shampoo becomes a cat when splashed with cold water, and can only return to being a girl when drenched in hot water. She’s in love with the boy Ranma, and once tried to kill the girl Ranma for defeating her in her village’s annual Martial Arts Tournament.

Ranma 1/2 is such a classic anime… I’m surprised to have still been able to find cosplays of the characters. Cute isn’t it?


  1. Yes, I know, but for me, I don't mind cosplayers having the wrong hair color because I like natural hair better than wigs. ^_^