08 May 2008

Sailor Moon Supers: Helios / Pegasus

sailor moon supers cosplay - helios / pegasusThe Guardian and Priest of Elysion, Helios has different roles in the Sailor Moon Anime and Manga series. The manga shows Helios to be a simple priest who can transport himself between worlds. A curse was placed on him by Nehellenia, forcing him to become part of his favorite horse, Pegasus. He is also portrayed as Chibiusa’s future prince.

In the anime, however, Helios willingly became Pegasus and lends his power to Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon to attack Lemures. He is also the Guardian of the Golden Crystal; unlike in the manga, where he guards Elysion and not the Golden Crystal directly.

So pretty. I miss watching Sailor Moon. Perhaps it’s about time I pick it up again…


  1. Helios is just like I imagined in reality!!! I wonder how they did that little light in the water.

    But it's a gorgeous pic!

  2. Hm... I think that was added later on in Photoshop. There's a flare filter from what I remember that gives that effect. ;)