13 August 2015

Sailor Moon R: Prince Demand

sailor moon r cosplay - prince demand by tsuruta kei

Prince Demand is the leader of Planet Nemesis, a fictional 10th planet of the Solar System. The planet itself is said to consist of negative energy and has the ability to vanish from sight, only traceable by X-ray. The people who reside there are known as the Black Moon Clan, descendents of criminals and traitors of Crystal Tokyo. Prince Demand himself resented Crystal Tokyo as he felt that they were corrupt, and that their long lifespans were blasphemous. Through Wiseman’s help and influence, Prince Demand formed a plan to go back in time before the influence of the Moon Kingdom began in order to create a new history, and perhaps a better future for his people.

Meet Japanese cosplayer, Tsuruta Kei (鶴田景)! Doesn’t she make an amazing Prince? Her Cosplayers’ Archive has a ton of her cosplays so please make sure to support her! Or if you’d like, you can also visit her Twitter and World Cosplay accounts! Thanks to Anne for sending this in!

Source: 鶴田景@P3M#2 on Cosplayers’ Archive

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