19 August 2015

Cinderella: Ella

cinderella cosplay - ella by courtoonAs a child, Ella lived a wonderful childhood with her parents in a beautiful estate. Her mother taught her to believe in the existence of magic, and that she must always “have courage, and be kind”. Unfortunately, her mother became ill and passed away, leaving Ella with her father who always traveled for business.

A few years later, her father marries Lady Tremaine, the widow of an old acquaintance. Ella welcomes her new family despite how badly they treat her, including her ill-mannered step-sisters, Drisella and Anastasia.

Meet the beautiful and talented cosplayer, Courtoon! I’m not sure which country she’s from, but I’m guessing she’s living in the USA? I’ve been a fan of hers for a long time, and I think it’s about time I feature her!

Please remember to visit her Facebook Page and Youtube for more of her works and give her your support! Please also visit her photographer’s Facebook, Saffels Photography!

Source: Courtoon on Facebook

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