16 August 2015

Vocaloid 2: Kagamine Len 30

vocaloid 2 cosplay - kagamine len by erioruなんていうか大きな声で言うことではないかもしれませんが
What to call it, it might not be appropriate to say it out loud, but
男女に備わったあれとそれ 正と乱とのいわばあれとそれ
That thing men and women are endowed with, so to speak, that thing in rightness and war
そんなこんなで起こるhappening あっというまに僕のending
Doing this and that, awoke a “happening”, and in a heartbeat it came; my ending
あやまって悩んで困ってしまって どうしよってなにもできない 無情
A mistake, I’m troubled, I’m worried, what to do? I’m powerless. Such cruelty!

This 0,02mm barrier is seriously getting annoying.
真っ赤なmy sunshine すぐに入れたくなるのは君の性
My bright red sunshine, it’s your fault that I want to put it in right away.
いいじゃーんとかそんな気分で迎えた君と僕 そんなヘブンで
“Just do it”, we greeted each other with that kinda attitude, and while in that kinda heaven,
あ、しまったって思ったって もう遅い
Although we may realize we’re done for, it’s already too late!

“Holy Lance Explosion Boy”
Lyrics and Translation by
Vocaloid Lyrics

A cute Len by Thai cosplayer, Erioru! I especially love her eyes, they seem to sparkle in the light! If you love this photo, please check out her Deviant Art account for more! Thanks again to Yukino for sending this in!

Source: erioru on Deviant Art

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