14 May 2015

Kuroshitsuji: Ciel Phantomhive 19

kuroshitsuji / black butler cosplay - ciel phantomhive by bloodcatIn the 17th episode of the anime’s first season, Ciel is tasked with disbanding a cult suspected of planning to revolt against the government. The cult had taken over some abandoned convents and obtained the Book of Doomsday, said to contain the record of human’s virtues and evil doings. The book is said to even record the future, but only the chosen children of the Heaven’s Choir can read it. In order to get close to the priest, Ciel decides to become part of the Heaven’s Choir and investigate the matter.

I honestly love this choir gown on Ciel. I never thought it would be possible to wear with that sash across his shoulders, but Chinese cosplayer, Blood Cat has proven me wrong! As usual, please support her thru her websites: Cure, Weibo, and World Cosplay! Thanks to Tara for sending this in!

Source: 血猫 (bloodcat) on World Cosplay

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