15 May 2015

Adekan: Yoshiwara Shiro 02

adekan cosplay - yoshiwara shiro by hanaDuring most of his childhood, Shiro grew up in poverty and, for some reason, was always covered in bandages. Most people suspected that he had some sort of disfiguration from being a “halfling”, but it was later proven that he had no deformities at all. While living on the island, he became blood brothers with a boy named Anri, and the two of them relied on each other as they struggled to survive. They eventually had a falling out, but as to how or why is yet to be revealed.

Hana is so beautiful that it makes me insecure about being a girl, haha! Please do support Baozi & Hana thru their Facebook page! Thanks to Kyla for sending this in!

Source: Baozi & hana on Facebook

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