11 January 2015

Natsume Yujin Cho: Madara

natsume yujin cho  cosplay - madara by sinAn inugami or “dog god”, Madara was sealed away in a shrine until he was accidentally released by Natsume. Ironically, even though he is a dog, Madara ordinarily takes the shape of a maneki neko or a “lucky cat”. Natsume thus nicknames him “Nyanko-sensei”. Natsume promised to give Madara his Book of Friends when he dies, and in exchange, Madara protects Natsume and occasionally teaches him spells.

Taiwanese cosplayer SIN certainly makes a lovely Madara, wouldn’t you agree? The setting for this photo shoot was well chosen too! Please give her your support by visiting her World Cosplay account! Thanks to Tanya for sending this in!

Source: シン on World Cosplay

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