03 January 2015

Fate/Unlimited Codes: Saber Lily 06

fate/unlimited codes cosplay - saber lily by mikachu心を 全部 焼き尽くすような 絶望の隣で いつだって
Despair made it feel like my heart was all burnt out
君は すべて とかすように 笑いかけてくれてた
But you were always by my side, smiling at me as if to make it all melt away

A drowned-out voice
Words that don’t reach
また 躓きそうになる度に
When it felt like I was going to stumble yet again
何度も しがみついた
Over and over, I clung to you

“Ideal White”
by Anime Lyrics
with transliterated by Haze~
and translation by bluepenguin

Filipina cosplayer Mikachu’s Saber Lily armor is one of the most detailed ones I’ve seen! I wonder what materials she used to make it? It’s absolutely breath-taking! Thanks to Karen for sending this in!

Source: MIKACHU on World Cosplay

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