18 August 2014

Vocaloid 2: Kagamine Len 19

vocaloid 2 cosplay - kagamine len 19

今宵拝跪(はいき)す 地の徒(と)が為
For those who belong to earth
and pray on their knees tonight,
(I)’ve restrained a dragon’s time
by striking the roots deeply into the darkness of the being.

閉ざされた森の中 息潜め待つ
Holding your breath, you wait in the closed forest.
絡まる蔦断ち 楔(くさび)
As (you)’ve known what cutting off the covering ivy
外(と)る 意味を 知りて
and taking off the wedge means.

“From a Miniature Garden Where the Dragon Howls”
Lyrics and Translation by Vocaloids' English & Romaji Lyrics

Vocaloids are really getting some very intricate costumes lately… I’m especially liking this song, which is sometimes titled “The Sandplay of the Singing Dragon”. I featured Ani-Mia’s Luka version last July 2012, so please take a look too! Thanks to Maika for sending this in!

Source: 現実。 on tumblr

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