07 July 2013

Vocaloid: Kaito 09

vocaloid cosplay kaito by kaname
Source: ~ 書いてください ~
I keep on thinking of you
君影草 -Lily Bell-
-Lily Bell- Lily of the Valley

今手に残る感覚 真実?それとも、嘘?
The feeling left now in my hands, is it truth? Or is it a lie?

一時の痛み突き刺さる 庭園に立つ可憐な女性が
Briefly pierced by pain, the lovely woman standing in the garden
私の心一瞬で縛られ 落ちて 堕ちて 首を絞めた
Bound my heart in an instant, fallen, fallen, strangled

“Lily Bell”
Lyrics by Vocalochu
Translation by Narumo

Another breath-taking cosplay by Kaname! I think practically every girl (and boy?) anime fans would want to meet him some day! Me included! Thanks to Delle for sending this in!

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