02 February 2013

SoniComi: Sonico 04

sonicomi cosplay - sonico from japan comiket 83
Source: Hexieshe
I think I may actually know this one, but I can’t be completely sure since I don’t know the game that well…

It looks to me that she might be Sonico from SoniComi, but that’s only basing it off of her pink hair and headphones. I don’t think I’ve seen artwork of her with a fur hoodie and blue cat ears. That’s pretty specific, unless this is the cosplayer’s original outfit for the character.

Then again, she can just as easily be Megurine Luka from Vocaloid 2, right?

I’m confused. Someone give me a vote of confidence!

EDIT: Thanks to Sans for letting me know this is Sonico from SoniComi!


  1. Nope, she is from Super Sonico i think :D

  2. And if you are interested i have a plenty of new pics from comiket 83, i'm uploading them day by day because tooooooo many to check and post editing :P

  3. I think this is Sonico too ^^