27 February 2013

Final Fantasy X-2: Yuna 14

final fantasy x-2 cosplay - yuna by sugar blossom
Source: Sugar Blossom Cosplay on Facebook
はかないぬくもりが はるかに離れたとしても
Even if that empty warmth move away to the distance
That moment our souls touch each other, dwell on the feelings to tomorrow
なつかしいてのひらを わたしは忘れないから
I won't forget that dear palm so
君へとたどりつき めぐりあう・・・かならず
I'll reach you, I'll meet you… for sure
By passing over even darkness

“To You”
Lyrics and Translation by

Beautiful Gunner Yuna by D.C. cosplayer, Sugar Blossom! Please do check out her Facebook page for more of her photos, and her blog, Portemanteau de Micah for her cosplay tutorial and works in progress! Thanks for letting me feature this!

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