15 August 2012

Looking for a… Better Boyfriend: Jun Wenceslao

looking for a... better boyfriend cosplay - jun wenceslao

When Jun Wenceslao broke up with her last boyfriend, she never realized that a drink of her favorite chocolate milk would change her life forever… literally.

You see, having a mad scientist for a mother is not as easy and fun as it may sound. That chocolate milk drink? Well, it turned Jun from being a heart-broken girl into a full-fledged guy (yes, it’s “hanging there” according to Chapter 2) overnight!

“If I were to become a guy, then I would never make a girl cry!”

Guess we’ll just have to see if Jun can stay true to her his word. For now, I hope you like the photo! And in case you’re wondering, yes, the cosplayer, Ershn Yves is a guy and yes, that really is the 23-foot Unicorn Gundam in the background

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