13 August 2012

Get Backers: Fuchoin Kazuki 02

get backers cosplay - fuchoin kazuki 2 by kenn

Formerly one of the Four Kings of the Volts, Kazuki is the last master of the Fuuchouin Thread Arts, a fighting style which utilizes koto strings controlled by vibrations in his fingertips. The strings can tear up solid earth, bones, skin, muscles, and even steel. Kazuki can also use his strings to listen in on distant conversations.

According to his Cure Profile, Kenn is a male cosplayer from China. I really thought he was a girl at first because he’s so… pretty. Kazuki is definitely the perfect character for him to cosplay. Thanks to Ohime (Kenn’s number one fan) for sending this in!


  1. A friend of mine told me about this cosplayer a month ago and when I saw his cosplay pictures as Kazuki I was ecstatic! Finally, an actual male cosplaying as one of my most favourite characters from Getbackers. I can die a happy girl now! XD

  2. Ahaha, he was one of my favorites as well. xD Although Clayman comes a very close second to dear Kazuki~ <3

    ...remember that episode where he cross-dressed as a nurse? :))

  3. Hahaha! Yes I do XD
    Had I been in his position, I don't think I'd be able to live it down, lol!