09 May 2012

Soul Eater: Eruka Frog, Medusa Gorgon, and Franken Stein

Both Eruka Frog and Franken Stein are victims of Medusa Gorgon, a snake-themed witch who contains one thousand magical arrow-shaped snakes inside her body. Stein’s insanity worsened after Medusa forced Crona to plant a magical snake inside his replaced weapon partner, Marie Mjolnir. Eruka, on the other hand, was infested with Medusa’s countless magical snakes that threaten to kill her, unless she follows Medusa’s orders.

Awesome cosplay by Cosplay-vania’s Mimi as Eruka, Kathryn as Medusa, and Stuart as Stein! They have a lot of action shots in their blog, so please give them a visit too! Thanks to Mimi for sending this in and to Fenyx Design for the awesome photography!

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