04 March 2012

Soul Eater: Crona 02

soul eater cosplay - crona 2Crona is extremely reclusive, expressing uncertainty when it comes to interacting with others as well as dealing with certain situations. When he was much younger, Crona’s blood was replaced with black blood from Ragnarok by Medusa as part of her experiments to create a kishin. The black blood can harden to protect Crona from damage and used as additional projectile weapons through external wounds, but it can cause insanity for brief periods.

A beautiful cosplay of the androgynous Crona! Though it confuses me whether his hair is really pink or purple. Thanks again to Aerie for sending this in!


  1. Crona is a he? Huh, and for all this time I thought the character was a girl since the first time I saw a cosplay of this character was done by a friend who is a girl XD
    Never watched the series before so...lol! ^^;

  2. Well, yes and no.

    According to Wikipedia, Crona's been mentioned as a girl and a boy but Crona doesn't correct them. And his seiyuu (voice actor) is Sakamoto Maya, who is definitely a girl, bit it's not uncommon for voice actresses to portray male characters. @_@;;;

    In other words, I'm just as confused as you are. xD

  3. And thus the cruel creation of gender-bender confusion, hahaha!