14 January 2012

Trinity Blood: Lilith Sahl

Lilith Sahl by ~middeneaht on deviantART

The prototype for Cain, Abel, and Seth, Lilith is the fourth of the test tube babies created for the Mars Colonization Project by the United Nations' Scientists. She was in charge of the Health Care area and usually the voice of reason during conflicts among the Nightroad siblings. During the war, Lilith sided with the Vatican as she wished to save humanity while the three Nightroad siblings sided with the Methuselah, also known as “vampires”.

Lilith was never shown in the anime, but I’ve recently been reading the manga and she seems like a really powerful individual. In any case, this is only the cropped version of Middeneaht’s work, but Adelhaid makes a very beautiful Lilith. Thanks again to Niena for sending this in!


  1. Anything from Trinity Blood is almost always elaborate. I always admire anyone who'd attempt any of the detailed outfits from the series. This choice and the end result is particularly exquisite! Gah, the neckpiece! I can't help, but feel like I'm the one in pain--though I heard that it wasn't that uncomfortable at all. It only looks that way.

  2. Yeah, Trinity Blood's manga is high detailed. I get dizzy just analyzing the skill the mangaka has. ;u; So it's always impressive when someone cosplays a character from this series.

    You know, now that you pointed it out, it does look uncomfortable. @_@;;; Now I'm in pain too! xD