02 January 2012

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica: Kyubey

mahou shoujo madoka magica cosplay - kyubey from comiket 81A genderless extra terrestrial being posing as a familiar, Kyubey can grant any wish to a certain girl on the condition that she becomes a magical girl who fights against witches. When the chosen girl makes a contract with him, he extracts her soul and places it inside a Soul Gem, reconstructing their body into a more resistant shell able to withstand magical battles. He can only be seen or heard by magical girls as well as those with magical potential.

Comiket 81 has come and gone, but the photos remain to be featured! Thanks for the flood of photos once again, guys! I will do my best to try and keep up with all the requests. Thanks again to 2chmod for sending this in!

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