29 June 2011

Dead or Alive: Ayane 03

dead or alive cosplay - ayane 3 from winter comiket 2010Ayane was born as a result of Raidou raping Kasumi’s mother, Ayame. Although she was allowed to stay in Mugen Tenshin, she was always looked down on or generally ignored by many of the clan. Ayane admired her half-brother, Hayate as a way of increasing her self-esteem and lifting her sadness. She is known to have some connections with Ryu Hayabusa since he befriended Hayate and the Mugen Tenshin ninja clan.

Another awesome cosplay from Winter Comiket 2010! I really love cosplays of alternate costumes rather than the original designs. I just wonder which series this was first used in? Thanks to James for sending this!

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