04 May 2009

D. Gray-man: Kanda Yu

unknown cosplay 029 / d. gray-man cosplay - kandya yu by miyocI didn't think I'd be coming across any unknown cosplays for a while, but this caught my attention after it was sent to me by a reader.

I wouldn't even think he was cosplaying, but it seems the mark on his chest is pretty significant. I have no idea what it means, and I'm not familiar with any anime or manga associated with it.

Thoughts anyone?

EDIT: Thanks to everyone who commented to let me know this is Kanda Yu from D. Gray-man! I only wish people would leave their names next time. ^^; And also thanks to Izzy for letting me know the cosplayer is known as Miyoc.


  1. i don't know, but it's a beautiful photo :)

  2. yea but the mark look like the one yu kanda has in dgrayamn

  3. It is Kanda from D Gray Man, the cosplayer... I think I know the name... yes! Miyoc, here's a website:

  4. Wow, it really is! Thank you so much for the replies, I will edit this immediately. :)