26 December 2010

Tsubasa - Reservoir Chronicle: Ashura-o

tsubasa - resevoir chronicle cosplay - ahura-o by syszeiiThe King of Shura Country, Ashura-o is in constant war with the Yasha clan over the possession of a mysterious castle said to fulfill its master’s every wish. It was later revealed that Ashura-o was in love with Yasha-o and Ashura-o wished to resurrect him from the dead. He died in the castle as it crumbled around him unable to fulfill his wish. However, what the castle could not do, Yuuko was able to grant; she made Ashura-o and Yasha-o gods to their clans, allowing them to be together.

Beautiful cosplay by ~Syszeii! It’s pretty embarrassing that I made a mistake with which Ashura-o this was. It’s a good thing St. Arcana, Syaza, Meg, and Rae made the effort to correct me and gave me more information about this Ashura. Thanks again to Tori for sending this in!


  1. Ashura was actually originally from the series RG Veda by CLAMP, and made a guest appearance in Tsubasa, much like many of CLAMP's other characters. C:

  2. The info you choose for Ashura is actually incorrect. There are actually two kings with the name Ashura, but I guess I can understand this error since wikipedia only offers information on the king that seems to be more important to the story.

  3. Hey ~ love your blog and thanks for sharing this brilliant cosplay! Sadly this is a different Ashura-o than the one you describe. This one is in Tsubasa as well (again referencing RG Veda) but is not the one so closely connected to Fai.
    The only description I could find of him/her (gender never defined - a controversial point to some) is the "2.1 Ashura" header (not "Ashura-o") at: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RG_Veda. It's not quite right at the end -Ashura does dies, but Yuko is able to grant Ashura's wish, making Ashura-o and Yasha-o gods to their clans in the future and now able to be together :) We officially meet this Ashura in Tsubasa chapter 58 (vol 9), with story continuing into chapter 67 (vol 10). Reference to Yuko granting his/her wish is in xxxHolic chapter 37 (vol 6).
    Sorry to correct - this Ashura's my fav character :D Hope you had a great holiday!

  4. ...wow, I didn't there there would be 2 Ashura's.

    Then again, there were 2 Shaoran's and Sakura's. My bad! Let me edit this a bit.

  5. To help clear things up with the differant Ashura-o's, here is the Tsubasa Ashura, the one who "rescued" Fai

    And this is the other Ashura-o, who first appeared in RG Veda and in an arc in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, as mentioned by the previous commenters. This is the Ashura-o of this cosplay, as you can see, the hair and costume is the same.

    *I do not own the photographs

  6. Thanks guys! Took me a while, but the post has now been edited with the proper information. :) Hope I got it right this time!

  7. I fully agree completely!!