29 December 2010

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Azula

The 14-year-old, manipulative princess of the Fire Nation, Azula is a Firebending prodigy and one of the few living Firebenders capable of casting lightning. She is Zuko’s younger sister and is loyal only to her father, Fire Lord Ozai. She uses fear to control her relatives and friends but even though everyone admired her when she was young, her mother favored her older brother over her.

A beautiful display of Firebending without actual fire by *risachantag! According to her description, she used “Flowlights”, a bright LED glow poi for her fire. She won best solo skit during Manifest 2010. Thanks to Rivalry for suggesting this!


  1. Oh! I remember seeing this! I just feel kinda frustrated for not suggesting this as a feature earlier XD

    Just gonna add a little additional info that risachan put in her description of this costume; she tore two ligaments in her knee just a month before the convention. Got a good therapist, but only ended up choreographing and practicing the skit a few days before she went. With the knee injury she had to hold back kicks a wee bit, but for me it barely shows. If I had multiple me's I'd be giving her a standing ovation :D

  2. HOLY SMOKES!!! SHE's AMAZING!!!! I'll be posting this in just a minute!! I loved everything about this! I love when a cosplay comes together!!