19 September 2010

LovePlus: Takane Manaka

loveplus cosplay - takane manaka from comiket 2010One of the three girls you can court in the dating sim game LovePlus, Takane Manaka is known as “Takane no Hana” which means “mountaintop flower” or the “unattainable goal”. She is the ace of the female tennis club, but also enjoys playing the piano in her spare time. She also likes making pastries and is very dedicated to her studies.

She’s so cute! I wonder if the fans who attended Comiket 2010 tried the same techniques they used in the game to ask her out? Thanks again to Umbridge for this contribution!

And I see another Makinami Mari Illustrious cosplayer in the background. I wonder if she’s the same cosplayer that I featured before?

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